The UN-Vision

What if,
ALL humans on this planet were truly given equal rights?
Those living would be emancipated and those yet to be born would have equal chances to succeed from birth. A world liberated of class distinctions based, national distinction and other accidents of birth.

A world of mutual respect and shared responsibility, where ALL assume responsibility jointly for oneself and for others, for the past, present and future.
A cooperative world where each individual has the responsibility to preserve equal rights for all through the sharing of information, communication and the exploring of new ideas.

And what if, in pursuit of this dream, all those ready to assume responsibility would start determining everything together, without secrecy and obfuscation, to openly share with one another so as to ensure equality?

We ask you to imagine wouldn't this world be a better one?
Our prosperity, ingenuity and creativity have always relied upon cooperation and collaboration.

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